The Leapyear Project

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The Idea


During 2012, a Leap Year, all of us attempt projects that could change our world for the better. Throughout the year, we share stories, photos and videos online in order to create a book and art exhibition of what we accomplished in one year together.

The Specifics

All of us have things we want to fix, solve, or attempt? It’s easy to snuff those ideas because we get busy, become uncertain, or we just want to know we’re not totally crazy & alone!

So, here's a plan:

1) Choose a project to complete in 2012 that could change your world for the better. (www.leapyearproject.org)

2) Tell your stories online through social media (#lyproject). After submitting your project you'll gain access to Cowbird.com, a place for personal, heartfelt leap-stories.

3) Inspire the world through compiling a book & art exhibit in 2013 that tells what we accomplished in one year.

Together, we'll repurpose a simple overlooked part of our calendar (Leap Year) and create a new type of social good olympics.

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Love the idea of challenging everyone to think of the way they want to change their world for the better! Good luck Victor!

by kelly_pratt
almost 4 years ago | Reply

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