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The Idea


It's the 40th Anniversary of Hope for the Flowers in 2012 & we'd like to celebrate Hope's coming of age by transforming this classic book into an animated film! We chose to create a Kickstarter project because we want to create a community of support to make this GOOD thing happen.

The Specifics

Trina invites all her new GOOD friends to join the Hope team & help make this project a reality! Trina feels this book was really a gift from God that came through her to share with the world. At 80 years young, she's risking for her dream of transforming it into an animated film with the help of a growing community who want to help spread its message further. She feels this film will be her gift back to the world and hopes it will inspire more people than the book alone has so far. The message is just as relevant as when it was first published in 1972. We hope you'll be inspired to learn more: http://kck.st/yAoyrw
& join us ~ if all our GOOD friends gave $1 each we'd achieve this goal together and be able to start production of Hope!

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I was given this book at 13 and it helped me through many a dark time; I still have my original copy, now 30 years old, even though I've given many copies away. Now, as a librarian, I recommend it to any one who seems to need reminded that there is always hope. God bless you, Trina, for this beautiful story. I look forward to the next stage!

by cristysoh
almost 4 years ago | Reply

This is a beautiful story of simplicity, hope and joy in a world of complexity and struggle. Help bring its message to life for all to see.

by AGStires
almost 4 years ago | Reply

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