200K Good friends help New Incentives end the cycle of poverty!

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The Idea


The New Incentives mission is to enable extremely poor people to make the decisions that will improve their lives. With a couple extra clicks while shopping online, 200K friends can earn Free Donation Dollars to help one New Incentives beneficiary break their cycle of poverty... or many!

The Specifics

By clicking through the New Incentives website when shopping online, friends can earn Free Donation Dollars at no extra cost to them. This money accrues automatically once the friend logs in and clicks through the My Shopping tab. Once they have accrued enough Free Donation Dollars, they can donate the funds to the beneficiary of their choice on the New Incentives website. Beneficiaries live in extremely poor communities across the world, from Bangladesh to Nigeria. The funds donated through New Incentives enable beneficiaries to work toward a future free of poverty, by addressing their needs immediately and encouraging positive behaviors (like going to school, going to the doctor, attaining birth certificates, and eating nutritiously).

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